Friday, May 29, 2009

Cartoons can make you think..

I just read this great post by Eddie Fitzgerald about how cartoons that are funny and imaginative can (by their very inherent nature) stimulate a positive influence in kids. It seems so obvious to us smart people, but sometimes the really thick-headed people need to be reminded of this fundamental fact of life. Cartoons are meant to be funny and full of wild and imaginative fun. That's why they call it a CARTOON! Kids like cartoons for this reason. I grew up watching cartoons (and still do), and I'm a smart and decent human being.

Check out Eddie's post here:


RudolfJ said...


But are cartoons still the same?

Gerhard Cruywagen said...

No, they certainly aren't. Only a select few have retained that original cartoon appeal. It's up to us to bring it back. For the sake of our children.